Emiliano Pérez, recorder & cornetto / Cristina Altemir, violin / Alfonso Barreno, dulcian & shawm / Dimitri Kindynis, viola da gamba & cello / Marc Sumsi, harpsichord & organ / Belén Vaquero, soprano

Dichos Diabolos owes its name to the “Baile de los dichos diabolos”, one of the Canzone, Sinfonie, Fantasie, Capricci… (1650) by Andrea Falconiero (Naples 1585/6 - 1656).

Dichos Diabolos is a Barcelona based Project focused on exploring the performing technics in mannieristic repertories from the Seventeenth Century. Its main interests are historically informed processes of instrumentation, transcription and improvisation, especially from Spanish and Italian Seicento.

Its shows are backed up by a strong musicological background, and are characterized by a certain inclination towards unusual and extravagant thematics. Their concerts are centered on dramatic pacing as well as intellectual and sensitive immersion.

In 2016, Dichos Diabolos won the 1st prize at the Concours International de Cuivres Anciens in Toulouse, organized by Les Sacqueboutiers. The jury, chaired by Michel Becquet, included: Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Gebhard David, Adam Wolf, Fabrice Millischer, Wim Becu, Lluís Coll, Jeremy West and Adrien Mabire.

In 2018 Dichos Diabolos was selected to participate in the IYAP (International Young Artists Presentation) in Antwerp. Shortly after, they were selected for the EEEmerging project (Emerging European Ensembles) which supports young ensembles within the framework of the Creative Europe programme.


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