Noche de Siglos

Music for the 400th Aniversary of Joan Cererols

"Una noche de siglos tan largos

dobladas las luces habrá menester,

y por eso amanecen dos soles

que bañan de luz el portal de Belén."

Joan Cererols

Joan Cererols (Martorell 1618 - Montserrat 1680) lived during one of the most turbulent times in the history of Catalonia and Europe. The year of his birth saw the beginning of the Thirty Years' War, and he was not even 20 when the Reaper’s War (Guerra dels Segadors) broke out. The use of the Spanish language became a customary instrument in literary and musical culture during this time.

However, it was also one of the periods of greatest splendour in the history of catalan music. Cultural exchange with France, Genoa, Naples and Sicily, which was ever on the increase, and the influence of the great musicians of the Royal Chapel where key in developing a fascinating and subtle repertoire. The most rigorous Palestrinian counterpoint coexisted with great showcases of polychorality and the seconda prattica’s avant-garde style.

This programme represents a journey in Joan Cererols’ life and shows a collection of his own music and pieces from composers he knew. It includes strictly liturgical works as well as paraliturgical ones (villancicos): where we find perhaps the most experimental and innovative aspects of this repertoire.

5-6 Musicians: soprano, cornetto/recorder, violin, viola da gamba, bajón/bajoncillos, organ/harpsichord + sackbutt (optional)


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