Emiliano Pérez, recorder & cornetto / Cristina Altemir, violin / Alfonso Barreno, dulcian & shawm / Dimitri Kindynis, viola da gamba & cello / Marc Sumsi, harpsichord & organ

Winner in the 2nd edition of the International Competition of Historic Brass Instruments (Toulouse, 2016) Dichos Diabolos owes its name to the “Baile de los dichos diabolos”, one of the Canzone, Sinfonie, Fantasie, Capricci… (1650) by Andrea Falconiero (Naples 1585/6 - 1656).
This young ensemble was founded in 2015 as an artistic research project under Tiam Goudarzi’s guidance at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain). It’s first aim was experimenting on the Elizabethan Broken Consort repertoire. Since then, Dichos Diabolos has been devoted to explore historic forms of instrumentation and orchestration on repertoires ranging from sixteenth century polyphony (minstrels’ repertoire) to music of the first half of the eighteenth century, including seventeenth century italian, english and german music. Dichos Diabolos’ main goal is not only to explore timbrical richness but also to generate “new” repertoire by experimenting with historically informed processes of adaptation, transcription and improvisation.

Currently, the ensemble’s main mentors are Lluís Coll and Josep Borràs.

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